The role of the Privacy Officer in the governance of Shared Care Records

Pharmacy Voice has recently published a briefing on the role of the Privacy Officer in the governance of shared care records, such as the Summary Care Record (SCR).

A Summary Care Record provides information on all known allergies and adverse reactions for an individual patient; all acute medication in the last 6 or 12 months and current repeat prescriptions. Following a pilot in community pharmacy in 2014/15, it was confirmed that, for the benefit of patients, the ability to access their SCR would be extended to all community pharmacy teams across the country. The roll-out programme started in October 2015 and is being managed by NHS England and the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

To protect patients’ privacy, every organisation that has access to SCR is required to nominate a Privacy Officer who is responsible for ensuring that pharmacy teams are using the confidential data for clinical purposes only and with the patient’s permission.

Pharmacy Voice agreed with HSCIC to produce a briefing document for community pharmacies with respect to the role of Privacy Officers. This document was developed through our Pharmacy Practice Group and in consultation with Pharmacy Voice members.

Every organisation that has access to SCR must have a nominated role-holder who is responsible for monitoring the SCR viewing activity of their users. The role title of this person(s) is Privacy Officer. The purpose of this role is to manage alerts and to audit SCR viewing activity.