Partnering with local organisations to improve the health of communities

Many community pharmacies across England partner with local organisations on local health initiatives. This may include visits to community centres or attendance at local events to help raise awareness of relevant health issues and provide outreach services that help promote behaviour change. Here are two examples from pharmacy teams at Day Lewis.

In Colchester, Day Lewis partners with CHAPS, a local charity, to raises awareness of men’s health issues through the delivery of screening and risk assessment services at local football clubs throughout Essex. Pharmacists and pharmacy staff attend locally organised events and deliver cardiovascular checks using the QRISK®2 calculator as well as prostate cancer screening using Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests. PSA tests are conducted onsite by pharmacy staff that have been fully trained as phlebotomists. Each event has been hugely successful, with approximately 200-300 people tested, reaching out to men in the local community who are less likely to seek health and care services for regular health checks. Participants are counselled with individually tailored lifestyle advice and those at high risk are referred to a general practitioner. The informal environment helps to create a relaxed atmosphere, while still facilitating access to highly trained health professionals.

In Wallington, the team also supports community events, featuring on the local youth radio station and visiting the local community centre every two to three months to deliver information sessions on a range of health issues such as minor ailments, diabetes and head lice treatment. The team also deliver screening services such as NHS Health Checks and chlamydia screening and encourages people to come back into the pharmacy to take advantage of the services available. Cognisant of the local demographic, the pharmacy team sources information leaflets in different languages to support meaningful engagement with the community.