Pharmacy Voice supports Government reconsideration of hub and spoke proposals

Pharmacy Voice was pleased to receive confirmation today that the Government is reviewing its plans to enable hub and spoke dispensing across legal entities from October this year.  In a letter inviting Pharmacy Voice to take part in further discussions to explore the issues raised during the recent consultation, officials confirmed that they are “no longer working towards a commencement date of 1 October 2016…” and instead, “… the Department will engage further with stakeholders’ representative bodies on the ‘hub and spoke’ element of the consultation before progressing any legislative changes…”

Chief Executive Rob Darracott said:

“This is very welcome news. In our response to the consultation we highlighted a number of significant concerns about the proposals that our members – representing all parts of the community pharmacy sector – feel remain unresolved.

” No one is against attempts to create a level playing field in the options available to pharmacy businesses, but we do not believe these proposals would achieve this at the current time. The detailed thinking that our members did, on behalf of their respective members and collectively across Pharmacy Voice, left many questions still to be answered on issues ranging from the implications for professional liability and regulation and for data sharing and consent, to the operational practicalities for businesses and the economic assumptions being made. We look forward to further discussions with the Department over the coming weeks and hope they will take this opportunity to listen and engage with sector in a meaningful way.”

Full details pf Pharmacy Voice’s response to the consultation can be found on our website: