Pharmacy Voice looks back at accomplishments in 2016 as it publishes latest annual review

Pharmacy Voice has, today, published its annual review of 2016 – a look back at the organisation’s activities and achievements during one of the busiest and most eventful years in community pharmacy’s recent history.

Highlights of the document include an overview of how Pharmacy Voice contributed to the Support Your Local Pharmacy Campaign, the development of the Community Pharmacy Forward View, progress with our patient safety strategy and the outputs of our various working groups.

With the recent announcement of a change in the way community pharmacy is to be represented in the future, the annual review will be the last to be published by Pharmacy Voice.

Commenting on the publication, Chief Executive Rob Darracott said:

“2016 marked a turning point for community pharmacy, with the decisions taken by Government and the sector likely to reverberate for years to come. I am proud of the way the team at Pharmacy Voice was able to stand up for pharmacy, developing new and crucial stakeholder relationships that will endure into the future. And while 2016 will no doubt be remembered for the cuts Government chose to impose, I am also pleased to say that our active role in opposing them did not come at the expense of all the other policy objectives we set out to achieve. Last year we made fantastic progress on issues including workforce development, patient safety, IT infrastructure and the integration of community pharmacy within local health and care systems.

He further remarked:

“I am also delighted that in the Community Pharmacy Forward View, we will leave behind a legacy that will help shape the future of the sector, having begun to set out the changes in pharmacy that we all want to see. As Pharmacy Voice hands over the baton, it is vital the sector’s remaining leaders take up this call to action, and make 2017 the year that community pharmacy begins to realise its full potential.

To view the report, click here