Pharmacy Voice and PSNC continue joint work on local political engagement

Pharmacy Voice and PSNC today announced that they will continue to work together to support local political engagement.

The commitment follows the successful work engaging politicians during the General Election campaign with the community pharmacy manifesto. As part of the joint work, new materials have been created to help pharmacy teams, including template letters, a guide to arranging an MP visit, and a template letter to engage patients.
Claire Ward, chair of Pharmacy Voice, said: “In the run up to the General Election we engaged with an impressive number of MPs, many of whom visited community pharmacies on the campaign trail learning about the great work we do as a sector. With a newly elected Government in place committed to greater integration of primary care, and improving out of hospital care services, we must ensure that community pharmacy stays front of mind at Westminster. Local engagement with MPs is a vital part of this, and Pharmacy Voice and PSNC are supporting local teams and LPCs. Parliament will head into summer Recess on July 21st and I recommend pharmacy teams use the resources we have created to get in contact with their newly elected MP before then.”

Sue Sharpe, Chief Executive of PSNC, said: “We have already heard from some LPCs who are eager to get going and to make contact with new MPs, and we hope these updated resources will help them to do so. We know that showing MPs what is happening locally can really help to persuade them of the positive contribution that pharmacies can, and are already, making to communities. The national pharmacy organisations will continue their work to promote community pharmacy to politicians, but the more people in Parliament who understand what pharmacy can do, the better, so we look forward to hearing about local discussions on this as well.”

Over the coming months Pharmacy Voice and PSNC will:

Share updated materials across LPCs

Offer tailored support to LPCs where there are new MPs with particular interests in health

For further information please contact Chris Ford,  0203 405 2810