Fourth Patient Safety Bulletin launches safeguarding briefing

In its second year of action, Pharmacy Voice’s sector-wide and sector-led approach to enhancing patient safety across the community pharmacy network has come a long way, and we are using our fourth Patient Safety Bulletin to share an update on this progress.

One of the key priorities for our Patient Safety Group throughout 2016 has been to better understand and clarify the role of community pharmacists and their teams in safeguarding children and adults at risk.  The Group has developed a briefing which set outs what should and shouldn’t be expected of community pharmacists and their teams and also suggests a series of agreed practice principles to help ensure the role they play in safeguarding is as standardised and consistent across the sector as possible.

The Bulletin also promotes the use of our Report, Learn, Share, Act, Review (RLSAR) wheel, which is freely available from the Pharmacy Voice website and can be used on any safety communications and resources.

Please click here to read the Bulletin.