Community pharmacy represented in NHS England’s winter campaign

Community pharmacists, Leyla Hannbeck and Sanjay Ganvir, represent the sector in Stay Well This Winter campaign.

The campaign, launched by NHS England and Public Health England, aims to educate the public about common winter conditions, and where to go to receive the most appropriate advice for these conditions. Pharmacy Voice provided recommendations of leading community pharmacists to feature in the campaign.

Leyla Hannbeck, pharmacist and Pharmacy Voice spokesperson said: “It has been a great experience for me to represent the sector as part of this campaign, and to be able to highlight the importance of people visiting pharmacy over the winter months. The NHS is under increasing strain, and we must ensure we make best use of all available resource and expertise, whether that be in pharmacy, general practice or elsewhere. The public are becoming more aware of the support and services available in community pharmacy, but we must still do all we can to make every contact count this winter.”

Sanjay Ganvir, pharmacist and Pharmacy Voice spokesperson said: “I am very pleased to help tell the story of the key role pharmacy can play in supporting the public to stay healthy over the winter months. Almost everybody in the UK lives within 20 minutes of a community pharmacy, and pharmacies make up the NHS’s biggest network of Walk In Centres, and pharmacies are open extended hours, in the evenings and weekends. I’m really happy to support this campaign, and would encourage the public to visit their local pharmacy this winter, for free advice from a highly trained health care professional, without the need for an appointment.”