Pharmacy Voice Forum 2017

On Monday 27th February Pharmacy Voice hosted the 2017 Pharmacy Voice Forum at the Royal College of Nursing headquarters in London.  The focus for the day was one of the key themes of the Community Pharmacy Forward ViewCommunity Pharmacy as the neighbourhood health and wellbeing hub. This year’s event, brought together a diverse, expert group of community pharmacy, public health, NHS, third sector and other healthcare leaders. Together, they explored the opportunities for enhancing community pharmacy’s role in public health improvement, and identified possible solutions to some of the challenges this entails.

A full day of talks and interactive sessions featured:

  • Presentations from PV’s Rob Darracott and Elizabeth Wade on the Community Pharmacy Forward View and the future role of community pharmacy in public health and wellbeing
  • New research on the commissioning of and attitudes towards community pharmacy public health services from Professor Janet Krska of Medway School of Pharmacy
  • A keynote speech from Professor Kevin Fenton, Public Heath England’s Director Health and Wellbeing, on the vital contribution of community pharmacy to the national public health agenda
  • Jamie Waterall, Associate Deputy Chief Nurse and lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at Public Health England, launching our latest report into community pharmacy’s future role in the tackling high blood pressure.
  • Professor Neil Poulter, UCL and President of the International Society of Hypertension introducing May Measurement Month, a global campaign to raise awareness of high blood pressure, by screening 25 million people, during the month of May 2017
  • A panel discussion with Rob Darracott, Janet Krska and community pharmacist Raj Radia, on how we make the CPFV a reality

In addition, two breakout sessions focused on pharmacy’s role in supporting public mental health and the future of Healthy Living Pharmacies, with lively contributions from Dr Adam Todd from Durham University, Brian McKenna from NHS England, Paul Bennet from Hampshire LPC, PHE’s Gul Root, Nelly Arajou from RSPH, and pharmacy owner and LPN Chair Mike Maguire.

You can review the presentations from the event by clicking here:

Rob Darracott on the future of Community Pharmacy

Janet Krska on commissioning Community Pharmacy public health services

Adam Todd on community pharmacy’s role in enhancing mental health

Mike Maguire on running a Healthy Living Pharmacy

Kevin Fention on Community Pharmacy’s role in public health

Neil Poluter on May Measurement Month

Jamie Waterall on tackling high blood pressure as a national priority

Elizabeth Wade on tackling high blood pressure through Community Pharmacy

On the day, we launched our new report on Tackling High Blood Pressure through Community Pharmacy. The report forms part of Pharmacy Voice’s contribution to the National Blood Pressure System Leadership Board’s (BPSLB) work programme, to lead a response from the sector to this national public health priority.  Delegates heard about the work of the BPSLB and how community pharmacy teams are already helping with the detection, diagnosis and management of high blood pressure, and were invited to consider what action they each take in their local health communities, to help implement the recommendations on how this contribution could be expanded.

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