Community Pharmacy Reforms

In December 2015 the Department of Health announced a 6% reduction to the Community pharmacy Global Sum to be implemented from October 2016. Pharmacy Voice believes patient care and safety will suffer if the cuts are implemented as proposed and there will be long term damage to the nation’s health and wellbeing.

Pharmacy Voice believes any change for community pharmacy must occur in the right way, for the right reasons and guarantee improvement for patient experience and outcomes. We believe that change must start with a shared vision of the future for community pharmacy as a fully integrated part of the NHS and safeguard the essential service provided by dedicated and highly trained pharmacy teams across England.

Pharmacy Voice has responded to the consultation process and is in dialogue with the Department of Health. We are working together with other national pharmacy bodies to develop the sector’s future view for community pharmacy. In addition as part of the coordinated campaign to challenge the reforms Pharmacy Voice is focusing heavily on political engagement running an ongoing series of events and meetings.

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