Work programmes

In addition to our lead campaigns Pharmacy Voice has a broad series of work programmes managed by the executive team with input from our cross sector working groups. Current work programmes include:

Pharmacy Voice has six working groups each with three representatives from our three member associations. Occasionally separate sub groups will be formed on a ‘task and finish’ basis to deal with specific issues. The working groups are Pharmacy Practice Group (PPG), External Relations Group (ERG), Patient Safety Group (PSG), IT Group (ITG), Pharmacy Workforce Development Group (PWDG), Contract Evolution Group (CEG).


  • Working to improve EPS for contractors

    Pharmacy Voice seeks to Influence NHS Digital, PMR system suppliers, and other involved parties to secure an improved Electronic Prescription Service. Pharmacy Voice believes strongly that pharmacies, prescribers and patients need the system to ‘just work.‘

  • Community pharmacy and electronic health records

    Pharmacy Voice is encouraging pharmacy owners to make the most of Summary Care Record (SCR) access, which aids patient safety, and can save people waiting around for answers that can simply be looked-up digitally. We are working towards our longer term aim of securing a shared care record covering both health and social care.

  • Prescription direction

    Pharmacy Voice believes stronger, more forceful action is needed urgently to stamp out prescription direction. Without this, public confidence in NHS providers will decline and some pharmacies will no longer be viable and have to close.

  • Ensuring the pharmacy workforce is fit for the future

    Coming soon

  • Policy and regulation

    Pharmacy Voice works closely with organisations like the General Pharmaceutical Council, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Department of Health and NHS England to ensure community pharmacy’s views are appropriate represented within the national policy environment.

  • Supporting community pharmacy integration

    Coming soon

  • Parliamentary engagement

    We work hard to ensure policy makers understand the crucial role community pharmacy plays in the communities they represent. In addition to briefing key Parliamentarians about the sector and its goals, we also seek to grow our list of sector advocates from all sides of the political divide. In so doing, we make sure that the work undertaken by our working groups and policy colleagues receives the attention it warrants, and drives the change we want.